The Clemente Program in Sydney

Clemente Students at Mission Australia Surry Hills with Australian author David Malouf whose work was being studied.

The Clemente Program was initiated by Early Shorris in New York as a way of helping people who had fallen on bad luck to find a way back to their own spiritual and creative dignity through engaging with the arts and with ideas. His book Riches for the Poor documents his amazing success with this venture. In Sydney Australian Catholic University continued his work by setting up a program called the Clemente program. This enables people down on their luck to take courses in literature, fine arts, philosophy, aboriginal studies , history and sociology. With four of such units completed these units enable these students to enter ACU as bona fide undergraduate students on their way to completing an arts degree.

In this space this year, you will find all the lectures (slides and audio) for ENGL104 Introduction to Literature (2020). I am posting the content here as well as in LEO in order that your learning partners can follow along with the content as you learn and take part.

Clemente Surry Hills 2020 Lecture week 3

Hello all,  Here is the fabulous Zoom Tutorial that we had on Hamlet this week. Wow, so much covered and such great ideas based on your observations of the play last week. How lucky were we to get into the theatre before everything shut down. We can now spend our time studying and preparing for…

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