Category: Literature: An Introduction 2020

Mission Australia/ Clemente/ Art Gallery Visit 8th October 2020: How does understanding the visual arts deepen my understanding of the way literature communicates its experiences, its stories…. ??

Audio Recording of our walk round the gallery: Here are the art works that we explored. Look at these along with the audio above:

ENGL104 Clemente Introduction to Literature August 2020

Here are the slides and the recording for this week’s lecture. The recording is a little frustrating to listen to because you will only be able to hear my side of the conversation. From next week I will be posting up the video version of our sessions (with student permission) and you will then be…

ENGL104 Week 2: Introductions and Bell Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Opera House!

Today we began with introductions from everyone in the class. So great to meet you all: Stephen, Patricia, Mei(Wei?), Glen, Ken, Alan, Brendan, Branko, Benjamin, Gretta, Ian, David, Michael, Jimmy and Bert! From there we went into a brief introduction to the difference between the three main genres of literature: drama, poetry and prose. From…