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David Malouf on Campus at Strathfield and at Mission Australia Surry Hills

ACU students both on and off campus had the real privilege today of interacting with David Malouf about The Conversations at Curlow Creek (Strathfield) and Remembering Babylon (Surry Hills). David was wonderfully generous both with his time and his responses and students in both locations were equally wonderful in their thoughtful preparation and deep questioning. Here are…

The Merchant of Venice with Bell Shakespeare and Clemente Students

Please find here the beginning of some useful resources for our study: Bell Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice (this is what we are going to see in a few weeks): Review of Bell Shakepeare’s production (by the Australian Book Review): Wikipedia’s overview: Here also is the PDF of the Introduction and Act 1 of The Merchant…

Art Gallery Visit with Clemente Students: How Can Art Inform My Understanding of Literature?

Clemente Visit to the NSW Art Gallery 2017 ENGL104 Core Question: How Can Art Deepen Our Understanding Of Literature? BLOG TOPIC FOR THIS WEEK: Chose any ONE of the paintings (or art works) studied today. Describe the painting (or art work)  of your choice and say how this painting (or art work) has expanded your…

David Malouf – Remembering Babylon- again!

Hello All, please find in this blog ALL the recordings from the last two weeks. Here also is the white board image from yesterday’s class: Here are your instructions for getting to the NSW Art Gallery for 2.30pm NEXT WEDNESDAY: See you there next week! Enjoy!

Clemente Blog Addresses Spring 2017

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