The Cherry Orchard

Hi all- have just secured a deal for all my students who want to see Chekhov’s the Cherry Orchard at the Wharf Theatre (especially applies to 2nd year students- but Chekhov is a MUST for ALL LIterature students).
So here goes:
contact Barbara Vickery at either: OR on 92501778. Tell her that you are one of my students and she will get you a ticket for $18 (normal price a whopping $66! ouch!!).
I myself am going on February 1st when there is a special matinee performance preceded by a lecture by the director at 10. 30 and followed by interviews with the cast. So you could ask whether you can get into that performance if possible. But don’t worry if you can’t: I will come back with the goodies and pop them up here into LiveJournal….. hope you can all make the show. It has some great Australian actors in it and it is a world-class play,
Over and out

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