Hi all- well I have just finished the basic structure for your English Literature Units on WebCT. This year as you know we have moved “up” to WebCT 6. It has some great new features, but they take getting used to. I hope that you enjoy what you find and that you send me any suggestions for improvement. And get out and enjoy the great outdoors in these last weeks of the “holidays”… I have had some great outdoor days myself recently: canoeing on the Hawksbury and bush-bashing with my 25 year old son on the Great North Walk. He is in training for the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea in April … and he needs to drag along his poor aging father 😦 (just joking) just to make him feel secure in his youthful strength!
See you all in a few weeks
The image below is on my walk on the Great North Walk very early in the morning on the hanging swamp between Crosslands and Berowra…. fabulous spiders’ webs covered in morning dew hanging in the She Oaks….

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