Poetry Competition on Spirit

Hi all – there was such an interesting diversity of offerings that it was very hard to choose “The Best”!… I think all the poets who contributed to the strand are deserving. So I am proposing that ALL the following talented poets read. In 2 groups of 4. And each poet must preface the reading of their poem with a helpful comment on how they came to write this poem… and what it means to them…. you can also mention how LiveJournal has helped you to find and nurture your poetic voice. So here goes. Will the following poets and poems stand up and be ready to read at PIG 5.15pm Wednesday:
Stephanie: Spirit Desert
Shaun: Spirit Lost
JenniBeans: Undefinable
Sonya: The Spirit Tells
Maxine: Progeny Sabine
Jordifier: Spirit
Olivia: Untitled
Josh P: Nocturne

All will read, and congratulations to all…. I have to say that I had to make this selection myself…. my personal ranking of 1st, 2nd and 3rd goes like this:
1st Maxine; 2nd Stephanie; 3rd Sonya… and the rest are equal 4th!!!!!
MG… There are no “book” prizes this time… the prize this time is the fame, fortune, honour….. !!!!!! Well done to you all… and thank you for the effort.

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