Poetry ENGL104…… fantastic crop of new poets!!!!

Wow, what an amazing crop of new talents emerges in first year as they respond to these 3 paintings and turn these into poetry. Go to the Poetry Community to see the fruits of this creative exercise… yay to First Years!-
And please first years… copy your poems into your own LiveJournal and then copy the poem into the thread in the Creative Community called “Ekphrastic Poems” ie poems inspired by paintings. If you haven’t learnt yet how to join a community this is the place where to learn how to begin…. Click on the Creative Community in MY SIDE BAR (down on the left); then click on USER INFO; then click on JOIN HERE… and you are in… now go back to your journal, copy your poem and then when you go to UPDATE your journal select poetrywcom down at the bottom of your page {ps- let me know if this doesn’t work or if you have a different way of entering the community] Cheers MG

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