Prizes for LiveJournal Entries Autumn 2006

There are 2 prizes for this semester’s work. These prizes are applicable to all first, second and third year students. Prize number 1 is for the best creative work in any category. Creative Work in this context means: poem, short story, review, photo-image. Prize number 2 is for the best LiveJournal of the first half of 2006.
Creative Work prize is ” A Book of Luminous Things” edited by Czeslaw Milosz (Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature). This is a magnificent anthology of international poetry (with linking comments) that ranges widely across time and continents, from 8th century China to contemporary America. This is one of the best anthologies of poetry currently available… Again with previous prizes we look forward to the flow-on effect into LiveJournal with a good review of the book and/ or sharing of some of its great content and/ or its impact on the creativity of the deserving winner.

Prize number 2 for the very best LiveJournal of the first half of 2006 is Brian Castro’s short-listed novel “The Garden Book”. This book was published in 2005 and was short-listed for the 2006 Miles Franklin Literary Award which is about to be announced. Brian Castro (who I knew personally when I was a student at Sydney Uni in the seventies) is one of Australia’s most highly awarded novelists. He was born in Honk Kong of mixed Portuguese, Chinese and English Ancestry. He now lives near Melbourne. Here are some rave reviews of his work:
“Castro uses English as musical instrument, bringing out melodies, frequently striking unexpected chords and tonalities, raising echoes in and from other languages, so that meaning expands and contracts, sometimes ringing with a multitude of interconnections…. ” Katherine England… Again this will be a fabulous read and we look forward to the reviews and flow on effects from the deserving winner,

Cheers and Ciao MG

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