Poetry Competition- Autumn 2007- Life’s Seasons.

Thank you all for your many suggestions for a theme for our next poetry competition- they were all good, all potentially cracker-jack entries (by which I mean capable of producing a crop of new poems that would jump out of the ground like cracker-jacks!). But the one that caught my imagination most, and that seemed in one way to embrace all the others was Mary Hope’s LIFE’S SEASONS (http://maryhope.livejournal.com/). It is also appropriate that the first poetry competition of the year kicks off with an impulse from one of our new first years… so thank you maryhope…..
And so can we all get writing. Entries are to be posted into your own journal and then pasted into the Poetry Community “LIFE’S SEASONS” competition.
The poem can be of any length and must simply carry the title “Life’s Seasons”. It can be accompanied by any art or image work or it can be plain text. It can be in any form: sonnet, unrhymed free verse, even prose…. so let the creative imaginations rip. The prizes (first, second and third) will be some great books looking for owners…

Competition closes Friday April 20th at 11.59pm.
Simply Post Your Entry Into The university Creative Community: http://community.livejournal.com/poetrywcom/

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