Welcome Especially to New First Year LiveJournalers

Hi all- I am really enjoying tasting the first fruits of many of your entries into this weeks LJ Literature Blog. Some excellent material is already appearing here: philosophical comments, poems, reflective pieces. So if you haven’t dared to write anything yet, or if you are stuck please don’t be afraid. We are all keen to hear what you are thinking/ feeling…
If you are really stuck, then my best suggestion is to write a short piece describing your response to our discussion on Friday about Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour”. How did the story strike you? How did the discussion affect you? Did you think we were getting to the heart of the story, or is there something else that really needed saying. You could also – if Kate Chopin didn’t touch you so much- talk about your response to Dead Poet’s Society. Did that confront you with any new ideas about what the place of literature is in the modern world…. I look forward to hearing from you all
Let me share with you my grandson Josh enjoying his plums at lunch yesterday!

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