Welcome to ACU Literature Community: Chris, Gertrude, Alwyn

Our ACU Literature Community is expanding this week and the week after next. This week we welcome 3 students on-board who have come from as far afield as Normanton in the Gulf Country (where the fishing is really good!)- welcome Alwyn; from Cairns- welcome Gertrude; and from Australia All Over – welcome Chris who, while based in Sydney, works with Aboriginal groups all around the country. Welcome all!
Here are our new friends logging in for the first time to Blackboard and to LiveJournal.

Here are their URLS – which you will also find in the official updated list in Blackboard
Chris Richardson http://crichardsonn.livejournal.com/
Alwyn Owens http://alwyno0.livejournal.com/
Gertrude Ygosse http://gertygosse.livejournal.com/
Please make them really welcome, share with them your experience of studying literature at ACU and help them be part of the community. LJ Academic Advisers are especially invited to contact these students and give them a leg-up into the finer details of LiveJournal. After this residential they go back to their communities and work on-line through ACU till they return for another residential in mid-October. From now till then, they -like you- have a responsibility to keep their LiveJournals up-to-date… as part of their unit assessment; their interaction with other members of the LJ ACU Literature Community will, I am sure, be a rewarding part of their ACU experience.

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