Billy Blake- Ideas for first Literature Journal Entries- Week 2

lj-embed>Here are some ideas for your Literature Journal for Week 2.


Remember that you will be marked on entries titled Literature Journal Week 1, 2 etc… but you are free to write as much as you want in other entries. I hope to see this space continuing as a free-wheeling creative space where you can interact with each other and continue to deepen your understanding and experience of literature.

Remember also that these are just suggestions and you are free to create whatever topics (critical or creative) that you want.

Critical and/or Creative

Describe an experience that you have had that picks up some of the miraculous quality that Ginsberg describes in his essay on Blake.
Imagine an experience that a character (in your next novel) might have that mirrors something of the quality that Malouf is able to present in his depictions of Jock and Janet McIvor.

Chose one of the poems that we have examined this week in lectures or tuts and write a short response to it, seeing if you can fathom some of the depths that Ginsberg seems to be capable of. Begin by pondering on all the connotations in Blake’s words and images.

Write a short journal entry beginning:

Why I think Blake will be important in my life……

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