Entry Suggestions for Writing

William Blake and Associates
Critical and/or Creative

Describe an experience that you have had that picks up some of the miraculous quality that Ginsberg describes in his essay on Blake.
Imagine an experience that a character (in your next novel) might have that mirrors something of the quality that Malouf is able to present in his depictions of Jock and Janet McIvor.

Chose one of the poems that we have examined this week in lectures or tuts and write a short response to it, seeing if you can fathom some of the depths that Ginsberg seems to be capable of. Begin by pondering on all the connotations in Blake’s words and images.

Write a short journal entry beginning:

Why I think Blake will be important in my life……

OZ Lit

Creative Topics
Describe an Australian landscape that you are familiar with. Describe it in as much detail and with as much feeling as you can. Afterwards comment on your description (this is not essential): what does your description show you about yourself, about your inclinations?
Use either poetry or prose as the genre of your description.
Lawson loved writing zany, comic sketches of life in the bush, often aiming at the authorities who were doing nothing to help those living there. Following Henry Lawson, can you write a comic sketch of life in the suburbs pointing out the iniquities and inequities of contemporary life.

Critical Topics
Does the description of the Drover’s Wife have any relevance to the lives of women in Australia today?
Write a brief interpretative commentary on a painting by Margaret Preston depicting Aboriginals.

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