Suggestions for Entries Week 9

Suggestions for Week 9. All have until 11.59 on Saturday to complete these entries- remember these are just suggestions, you are encouraged to write from your own experience in response to the literature we have been studying and/or your own life experience


Can you think of a moment in your own life which was irradiated by Grace? Try to describe it as best you can… transform this into a poem if you wish. Or you might like to imagine yourself as an inanimate object (a pool, a tree, a stone…..) what does the universe look like from where you are? What event is really important to you? Is it the rising of the moon???

Blakeans…. you can of course piggy back onto any of these creative topics suggested for OzLiteans…. but for you the special challenge:
Chose any four lines from the Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Write them down and then try and write another 16 or so lines of your own that follow in the style, mood and imagery of William Blake. Surprise yourself!…. You might be amazed how this exercise of living yourself into part of William Blake’s skin help you understand something of the process he was going through….

William Wordsworth remarked in 1812 that “there was something in the madness of this man [William Blake] which interests me more than the sanity of Lord Byron and Walter Scott”. Imagine you are a friend of William Blake. Write a letter back to William Wordsworth confirming for him [Wordsworth] the accuracy of his remark.


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