Sacred Australia Week 4

HandThank you all for your hearty participation in today’s discussion. You can see that landscape plays an important part in our thinking. In Australia landscape was initially something that people found very difficult to relate to. Gradually artists, writers, musicians began to celebrate aspects of our landscape. People were especially drawn to things in our landscape that were different to what you could find “overseas”. For some Australia seemed to offer a place where the spirit could be cleansed, renewed… a place away from the chaos of modern life in England, Europe and America…. How true might this be for you? I am going to suggest a number of things you can write about in your WordPress Literature Journal Blog for this week. Chose any of these topics or make one up of your own.

Topic 1 Write a short passage describing a landscape that you love. Give your description as much detail as you can. Can you say also why you feel so attracted to this landscape. The landscape can be urban, suburban or country.

Topic 2 Try to write a short poem that describes your experience in class today: all the competing ideas, all the insights that came from this process.

Topic 3 Without going into too much detail tell a little about why you are wanting to study literature. What does literature seem to offer to you at this stage of your life as a student.

Topic 4: I would like everyone to do this: Please click on any of the other members in the WordPress Group “Sacred Australia” and read what they have written and post a comment on what they have done….. If we do this we become a real interactive creative community, helping each other write, making an audience…. let’s work towards the goal of having a real collection of creative insights, in verse and prose, before the end of semester.
Over and out

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