Journey to the Art Gallery with Clemente Mission Australia students

Hi all- don’t miss out on this amazing artistic feast that is sitting temporarily right next to the doors of the NSW Art Gallery. Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi has converted the two statues that sit boringly and unrecognizably next to the doors of the gallery into something that reflects astonishingly on the place of War and Peace in the contemporary world. Don’t miss it. Here is a quick shot… which shows nothing of the impact you will receive when you actually go there. And if you are doing your essay on David Malouf’s Ransom then this “event” will deepen your understanding of what Malouf is saying about War and Peace in this novel… indeed it was he who recommended strongly that I go and see this “event”…. it is free, and on for a little while longer… but you will need to go during Art Gallery Hours (10-5)….. see you there!

And I am not going to show you “War” here in case I spoil the impact when you get there….

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