Drama at Clemente Campbelltown

Drama started this week. We looked today at the Language of Drama, how it differs from the language of poetry and prose. We also looked at a wonderful episode from Midsummer Night’s Dream: what a knockout performance of “Pyramus and Thisbe”! brought tears to many an eye. Shakespeare has a knack of celebrating the lowly and downtrodden (the likes of Bottom and his motely crew). Without doubt, while they are mocked by the upper and middle -classes they shine through as the ones who can really express powerful and stirring feelings. They also demonstrate a real capacity for love towards each other.
Maybe for your Literature Journal this week you could reflect on the Language of Drama from your own experience so far. If you are going to the Campbelltown Midsummer Night’s Dream performance you could write a short review. If you are not you could talk about your experience of theatre or film… what is the purpose of these kinds of entertainments in our day? Why do human beings like to see their lives reflected on stage (be it live or in film)?
You might also explore this wonderful storehouse of material on drama in the Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drama
Maybe you could write a brief review of how useful or otherwise you found this link.
And thank you all for your draft essays. I shall look forward to browsing through them and giving them back to you next week….
Enjoy your week!!

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