Blog Topics for Week 6- Australian Literature & William Blake

Hi all… and sorry for the delay in your Blog Topics for Week 6.

Yes it is David Malouf all round.

Topic 1/ Write a letter of appreciation to David Malouf telling him what new insights you have discovered in the novel you are studying as a result of his talk with you yesterday.

Topic 2/ Take the role of any one of the characters in the Malouf novel. Then chose one scene in the novel that you found especially interesting. Now write a short  monologue from the point of view of the character explaining what it is like to be a character in this story.

Topic 3/ Write a brief answer to this question. Malouf finds subjects which, while remote from modern times, are filled with vital questions for the modern world.

Topic 4/ Remember that you are at liberty to create your own topic based on anything we have worked on this week, or anything in your own life that has a bearing on your study of literature… creative topics (poems/ prose/ drama) are all welcome… but remember if they are your own you must say they are……



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