Working with Clemente Students (Mission Australia Surry Hills/ Nagle Centre Campbelltown

On Tuesday this week I gave a presentation with Professor Jude Butcher on the work we have been doing with Clemente disadvantaged students. This was a great opportunity to showcase the amazing work that these students do when challenged to be creative in a literature journal Blog.  I am currently teaching Australian Literature with a group at Mission Australia and their Blogs are just about to hit cyberspace. Watch this space. I am keen to enlist as much help from on-campus students as I can get. Help in what form? In the form of supportive comments on the work of these students. They are keen to connect with on-campus students as many of them are working towards university entrance. Most of them are doing a Certificate in Liberal Arts. Click on the following link to see a slide show of the presentation that we gave on Tuesday. This presentation showcases the places where we have been working and some of the amazing creative work that has been posted into WordPress and LiveJournal:

Engaging the Disengaged


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