Clemente Australian Literature Week 9

Glad to hear that you all had a good week’s break with some interesting adventures had by some!. This week our drama class continues with Sarah Woods from Bell Shakespeare and our work on Louis Nowra’s “The Golden Age”. I am glad to see that some of you took up the suggestions on this play in my last post to you. But quite a few of you have not yet taken the bait on this one and I would love to see you post a blog on your experience of the play so far. Maybe your work on the Blackboard Discussion will stimulate a creative response to the play worth publishing in your Literature Blog.
If you are one of the group who have exhausted “The Golden Age” topics then you might like to write a response to this commercial for the play when it was first performed. What do you think about the effectiveness of this commercial? Do you think they should have added more content to attract a wider audience?

If you want to go back and see the other topics listed for the Golden Age… please scroll back a fortnight in this Literature Journal

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