Former ACU Literature Student- Justine Zarebski (ACU 2005- Now Full-Time Literature Teacher) Praises Blogging at ACU

Here is Justine’s Blog entry on the impact of blogging on her teaching trajectory (quoted with her explicit permission):


I am a third year out teacher who studied a BT/BA (Literature) at ACU. I graduated in 2009 and have decided to use this page as a record of my professional development.

My first experiences with blogging go back to 2005, where Associate Professor Michael Griffith introduced us to a similar blogging site called Livejournal. The experience was incredibly daunting, however I don’t think I would be the teacher I am today if I hadn’t been subjected to such a rewarding challenge. I currently use Livejournal to record my year 12 HSC journey. The students access this site and have a written record of all content taught and learnt. The feedback from them has been amazing.

I will use this site to record all of my challenges, and I am happy to help anyone who is interested in hearing about what to expect as a newly graduated teacher from ACU. I currently teach at St. Agnes Catholic and Loyola Senior High School (Dual campus school).

Stay tuned…


Hi MG,

Feel free to share! My school is incredibly supportive and the executive team encourage us to share and collaborate with other members in the profession. The great thing about my Year 12 LJ is that every single student can access it either on their smart phones, tablets or computers. My HSC students have access to all content outside of the classroom at a time that suits them, which in turn makes it more relevant to them because they have chosen when they wanted to access it. In fact, I was asked to share my Livejournal setup with the English department at a staff meeting two weeks ago because our coordinator heard positive feedback from the students in the playground. She was very interested and asked me to share my experiences with blogging. I commented on how I used this tool as a student at ACU and that is where it stemmed from. They were very impressed… How’s that for positive feedback!

You certainly are a ‘lead’er MG!

I am heading down to the Hawker-Brownlow Education conference in Melbourne in May and I cannot wait to share my professional development experiences with you: – check it out. I will attend a number of technology sessions during this weekend.

I shared your Pencil Metaphor with a group of English teachers- it’s fantastic and very true.

Take care- always happy to share my love of teaching,


Here is a picture of Justine whipping up excitement for literature and technology in her class!! Go Justine!! ( picture posted with permission of both Justine and the School Principal: no faces of any students appear here)

  2 comments for “Former ACU Literature Student- Justine Zarebski (ACU 2005- Now Full-Time Literature Teacher) Praises Blogging at ACU

  1. JZ
    March 3, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    This picture is taken with my 2011 year 9 advanced class. Here we are experiencing the use of Apple TV in the classroom for the very first time. I am lucky to have access to to such technologies at my school. If you look closely, I have used the app “Pen ultimate” on my iPad to project “Welcome Year 9 advanced- how cool r we <3?" onto the TV in the back ground.

    Since then, I have experimented with the ipad and apple TV in a number of ways. One strategy that I love in particular is using it for Peer modelling. When I explicitly teach a concept, I will test student comprehension by passing my iPad around to students. I then ask them to contribute to a class composition by typing up their work on my ipad (for all to see) and then pass it on to the next person.

    This is just the beginning…so pumped!

  2. March 16, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    I love the use of all this technology here’s hoping that all kids get to enhance their literary experience with access to these tools 🙂 how great to see how these studies directly applies to our workplace life. Sahra

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