Welcome Clemente Students at Mission Australia

This week we begin our exploration of Australian Literature in the context of Australian Painting. This is an opportunity for you to read the poetry and fiction of some of our best writers and to see the way their themes are often reflected in other art forms.

This is also an opportunity for you to begin an on-line, digital Literature Journal where you can reflect on the experience of reading literature and where you can also attempt your own creative writing in response to your reading. This is also a place where you can give and receive comments on your writing both from others within the M.A. group and from other fellow students at University.

Please always take real care with your on-line writing. Edit it carefully and study the provided documents on Netiquette and Copyright.

Once you have your WordPress Blog set up you could try any one of the following topics (or a combination of them):

Say a little about yourself (you don’t need to reveal your identity) and what you hope to find through studying literature.

Write a short description of the landscape around where you live. You could write in prose or attempt a poem using the shape and form of poems studied in this week’s first class.

Take one line from one of the poems you most enjoyed this week and use this one line as the first line in a poem of your own making.


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