Clemente Mission Australia ENGL102 Week 4 – Blog Topics

Thank you all for your participation in the Art Gallery visit last week. Many of the pictures/ sculptures that we pondered over can be found in this blog if you click on “NSW Art Gallery Visits” at the top of this page or click on the image below:


Blog Topics can be found on pages 15 and 16 of your Workbook and please note that you are permitted every week to chose any one of the following generic topics:

  1. Write a very short appreciation of any one of the authors, poems or prose extracts from the readings during the last two weeks.
  2. Write from your own life, in either poetry or prose, about some event, place, person or experience that connects in some way to the ideas you are discovering in the literature being studied.

If you look back in this blog to postings headed “Clemente” you will also find other suggested topics. You are permitted to use any of these too. Topics are not specific to any particular week. Remember also that you have to peer review one other class mate each week- be sure to cut and paste a copy of your comment and keep a duplicate of your comment in your own Blog. Enjoy the process. We will be showcasing some of your blogs in class each week. 

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