Pandaemonium- Heading into mid semester-

Cleopatra in the NSW Art Gallery- Victorian Artist Lawrence Alma Tadema

Blog Topics for Romantic Victorians and Shakespeareans.

If you are a Romantic Victorian enthusiast then these topics are for thee:

1/ Take the first lines from any stanza of poetry studied in this last week and compose a poem that generates a reflection on how life in the 21st Century compares with life in the 19th Century.

2/ Create a mini web resource kit for the poetry and ideas of William Wordsworth.

3/ The film Pandemonium presented the impulses of young Romantics to change the focus of the society in which they lived. Do you think their impulse has any relevance to your own experience today in the 21st Century.


Don’t forget you have a weekly responsibility to comment on at least one other student blog. That can be from your group, or it can be from the wider literature community -including the Clemente program. Remember all addresses are on the Google Docs list in LEO. Remember also that you must copy and paste the comment you make from the blog into which you have commented, back into your own blog so that you get credit for your work. 


If you are a Shakespearean then these blog topics are for thee:

1/ Imagine yourself either in the role of Antony or Cleopatra fighting to be heard against a tirade of opposition to your intentions and desires. For example you want to stay here but you are being told to go there. Or you want a person to go away and do their duty but they are not listening to your reasons. Then,  in modern English, stand up for yourself and write a tirade of opposition to your antagonist.

2/ Write a brief account of why you think the A & C story still strikes home in modern times. You might refer to the Hollywood productions with Taylor and Burton and/or any other contemporary versions of the story.

3/ Explore the on-line reviews of the up and coming Bell Shakespeare production of Henry IV and present a mini-web resource kit which contains a few of the best resources for preparing for this visit. In other words compile a list of the best reviews and maybe summarize the essence of what a few of them say (either about the play itself or about the production).




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