Week 8 (on campus) Blog Topics.

Nineteenth Century Literature: Charles Dickens Hard Times.

1. Imagine yourself into the role of Sissy Jupe (Girl Number 20!). Write a letter to a friend (back in the circus) describing what it feels like to be living with the Gradgrinds.
2. Write a review guide to the resources on Dickens available on The Victorian Web

Shakespeare: Henry IV Part 1 (and 2!)
1. Convince a “doubter” that Shakespeare is the author of both Henry IV and Antony & Cleopatra. Explain that they are both the work of a subversive imagination. 
2. John Bell has mentioned his interest in comparing the first production of Henry IV in Sydney in 1800 (performed by convicts) with his version today in 2013. Find out what you can about this and share your resources. 
3. Explore the Folger Shakespeare Library and write a short review of its benefits to our study of Shakespeare.
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