Week 7- Modernism in the Art Gallery/ The Poetry of Kevin Hart/ The Everlasting Gospel

Topics for Week 7

ENGL202 chose one of the modernist paintings viewed during this week’s visit (go on a virtual visit of the gallery if you missed the visit) and discuss the ways in which it has opened your mind to a new understanding of what Modernism is and how this understanding helps your appreciation of literary modernism.

Turn one of the modernist paintings viewed this week into a literary work: either a short prose passage or a poem. Remember this is called Ekphrastic writing.

Chose one of Kevin Hart’s poems and explain in your own words what you think it means and why you find it personally engaging.

Take a single line from a Kevin Hart poem and use this as the first line in a poem of your own. Try to stay close to what you think is Kevin Hart’s poem in its central subject. Find appropriate visual illustrations on the web to enhance your creation.

Create a mini-digital resource kit for Kevin Hart, both his poetry and his theological writing.


Produce your Blog topic based on this week’s Flip Class question:
“The Jesus worshipped in church is the very opposite of the true Jesus”.
How is this idea played on in Blake’s Everlasting Gospel

Alf Dubbo Artist.001

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