Week 9- week before our well-earned break!

Bob Adamson, Michael Griffith and Juno Gemes in front of Brett Whiteley’s “Alchemy”. A visit for Michael’s 3rd year Visionary Imagination students to the Brett Whiteley studio, 2013- thanks Lara Hasham for providing this incredible photograph taken on the day!

Hi all, this visit to the Brett Whiteley studio a few weeks ago was one of the high points for us all on the ACU literary calendar. What a fabulous moment this was for 3rd year students studying William Blake and his impact on Australian artists and writers to see Brett Whiteley’s image of William Blake in context and with Whiteley’s old friends Bob and Juno telling of his time at the studio. Bob read some of his recent Blake-inspired poems and told of his memories visiting the studio when Brett was still alive. This was one of the rarest moments of the confluence of talents. I hope the event stays with you a long time.

And in this 9th week of literary study what questions arise for the closing chapters of your Literature Blog. Remember you only need to chose ONE topic each week.

For ENGL102 students, studying David Malouf this week (Fly Away Peter).

Creative: take a line from Malouf’s novel and build your own paragraph in which you celebrate the joys of being connected to some aspect of nature. Use Jim, Imogen and Ashleigh as models….

Critical: explain what it is that Imogen Harcourt sees as being so valuable in Jim Saddler’s way of living.

For ENGL202 students- this week studying Modern Drama with Beckett (Waiting of Godot), Pinter (The Dumb Waiter) and Stoppard (Arcadia).  We had the fabulous experience of hearing Harold Pinter’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech in which he brought his powerful critical intellect to bear on key global issues. This speech should be listened to by every student of Literature.

Critical: Describe Pinter’s sharpest criticisms of the human species in his Nobel Prize lecture.

Critical: Why does Pinter make “The Dumb Waiter” into the centre-piece of his macabre play about two hit men?

Creative: take a short piece of Pinter’s dialogue between Ben and Gus and then build on it your own dialogue. Try to feel how Pinter allows his conversations to grow and fade….

ENGL329: This week also studying David Malouf, here Remembering Babylon

Critical: Show how David Malouf’s imagery in the last two pages point toward a hopeful answer to the rhetorical question: is Australia Jerusalem or Babylon?

Creative: Take a line from the last page and half of the novel and build your own concluding paragraph to the novel.

Creative: Write a paragraph imagining yourself becoming encased by insects and then having them all fall away. Describe you experience before and after the event.

Enjoy your week away from campus!


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