Blog Topics- Australian Lit- for Week Two- coming thick and fast

Australian Literature and Landscape-

Boronia Ledifolia

Sydney Boronias in the Bush near Galston Gorge (27/07/2014)

Australian Literature: we had a great introductory day today exploring what is meant by Judith Wright’s wish not to “chisel things into new shapes. The remnant of a mountain has its own meaning.” She was so ahead of her time with her concern to allow the land its own dignity and, in that allowing, to open herself to what the land could teach us (rather than what we could impose upon it). D.H. Lawrence and David Malouf both seem to embrace this idea with their sense of the way our relationship to landscape (and people) can really be different from the way we normally impose ourself on the world around. If we allow the land (and people) to be “itself” (themselves) then we can discover something new, something that might awake us into a new experience of ourselves. There is a miraculous idea at the heart of this thinking…

So I wonder whether any of these blog topics might inspire some of our new Australian Literature bloggers:

1/ Write a short poem that encapsulates Ashley’s view of the landscape. Start with the words “I like what is unmade here…”

2/ Briefly explain how Judith Wright, D.H.Lawrence and David Malouf are on the same wavelength (this could be a short prose piece)

3/ Write a short creative piece (either prose or poetry) that describes the landscape that you love best.

Remember that you will also have to write a short comment on a blog by someone else studying literature at ACU. Go to their blog and write a comment (you will able to do this once the new list of bloggers is published in LEO – by the middle of Week 2). Be sure to copy and paste this comment into your own blog so that you get credit for your work. Be sure also to post your own URL into the space for this in LEO. Enjoy!!!

Grevillea Gum

Sydney Grevillea Speciosa in front of a Black Stump near Galston Gorge

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  1. July 28, 2014 at 9:12 pm

    Oh I am so going to love being in your class next year. Feel free to refer new students to my blog. S00156364.WordPress.Com. dave

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