Poetry at Mission Australia Surry Hills- Clemente Week 2


Hi All, I thought I would put your blog topics up here before our session today to give you a chance to think ahead about how you might use some of today’s content in working towards your own blog entries.

Find a range of topics here. You only need to chose one and you can draw on last week’s list too if these don’t strike your fancy. The important thing is to find a topic that fires your imagination. Give it a try! We are all learners in this process!

Creative Topics

1/ Take a single line from any one of the poems we have studied this week (for example “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”- Robert Frost) and use this line to build a poem of your own, using the poem from which you have taken the line as a guide to your writing.

2/ Write a poem or a short prose paragraph describing an object (could be from nature or man-made: tree, jug, carpet, dog….). Describe the object with as much detail and feeling as you can.

Critical Topics

1/ Analyse the meaning of any one of the poems we have been exploring. “Analyse” means explain/ give your point of view. Simply say what you think the poet is trying to express and say whether you think the poet has succeeded or not.

2/ In a short paragraph say what you think the difference is between poetry and prose. Give some examples from the poetry we have studied this week and last week.

VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to visit the Blog entries of others in the group and make a short comment on their work. This is a practice that we want to develop for the whole group. For the moment you will find their entries in the “Practice Blog Space” in LEO. If you click on “Practice Blog Space” here, it will take you straight to where you need to be. In a few weeks I will give you the option to do your Blogs right here in WordPress- then you will be able to have an international audience for your writing! Yoo Hoo!


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    • March 12, 2015 at 1:47 am

      Hi Ash- I have left a comment on your entry- you will need to go to your blog and check “comments”- cheers Michael

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