Top Blogs- First Cull Autumn 2015

My students are performing miracles with their blogs. They are grasping and extending the content of the literature they are studying in the most creative ways. Poems and prose creations -giving expression to their own experience- are being grounded on traditional models from Shakespeare through to Charles Dickens & Matthew Arnold. Along with this they are producing digital resources for future study and presenting some wonderful critiques of plays seen and art galleries visited. And all this is embedded in a truly creative digital know-how. They have mastered and extended and in some cases have transformed this blogging  platform into a complete Web site. It is the hope of this educator that they not only find that writing in this medium stimulates their own creative interaction with the text, but also leads to fulfilling careers in which their digital skills will shine out to any prospective employers.

Vive La Blog!

Please find here the best of the bunch in Nineteenth Century Literature and The Age of Shakespeare stage_curtains1

The Nineteenth Century

The Age of Shakespeare

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