Oz Lit Week 2: Bobby Wabalanginy Fights Back!

We had a fabulous time exploring the core differences between the way indigenous Australians and European intruders experience the world around them. Kim Scott has done a fabulous job in using language that in its texture indicates the kinds of experience that his characters have.

As a blog topic for next week, 

Try to describe a landscape using language that shows that you love every aspect of it, drawing on all your sense.

Try now to describe the landscape using language that shows you hate every inch of what you experience.

Get a taste through this of how language moulds itself around your experience.

If this blog topic does not excite, here are a few more to chose from 

Write a letter to Kim Scott telling him how much you appreciate the way he has opened up the aboriginal experience for you.

Write a letter to Bobby Wabalanginy explaining to him how valuable you think he has been for people living in the colony.

Create a digital kit of web resources that can help a reader find out more about how and why Kim Scott wrote Dead Man Dance.  A digital kit is a well constructed list of useful links to good material on the web.

Create a creative or critical topic of your own sparked off by work we have done this week.

Kim Scott

Kim Scott in front of a tall “Black Boy” Xanthorrea Australis:

Remember you MUST make at least one peer review comment each week. Get the conversation going. Create meaningful interactions with your peers!

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