Sydney Spring Starts in August: What a Treat!

A walk across the ridge above Galston Gorge this morning reveals a landscape spectacularly clothed in colours and new life. Be sure to click on the images to get full resolution.  Boronia Ledifolia (Sydney Boronia) covers the ground in bursts of pink:IMG_1395  IMG_1401 The white Grevillia is an unusual sight on this ridge:IMG_1411 And here is a magnificent old deeply burned scribbly gum sheltering a young Banksia.IMG_1413 Spectacular in this area is the scarlet Grevillea Punicea. I just love the intensity of its colourIMG_1415– and it’s wonderfully sculptured shape. You can see why it is commonly called “Spider Flower” IMG_1420Along this stretch we also ran into  a mob of Yellow tailed, yellow cheeked black cockatoos. Such magnificent birds with a massive wing span of up to a metre. They must have been finding some new Casuarina nuts to chew in this area.  . More spectacular BoroniasIMG_1429 And one amazing Grevillea Punicea that looks totally overladen with fruit IMG_1440 At the close of the walk bouqets of BoroniasIMG_1445 IMG_1453 as we finally made it back down to the Gorge, still hugging the early morning darkness.

Hallelujah! What a wonderful bushland we have around us in Sydney! IMG_1455

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