Most Promising Blogs from Twentieth Century Literature.

Please have a look at some of the extraordinary creative talent that is emerging in this group of chiefly second year students. I am on the warpath trying to encourage you to begin to take Vlogging seriously as a tool you can use in your own Blogs. For some interesting ideas on this please see some of the following links: How to Make a YouTube Video; How Some People Are Earning a Living Making Highly Creative YouTube Vlogs. Let’s see whether for the next round of Blogs some of this content can take fire for you.

For now here is the crème de la crème of Twentieth Century Bloggers


Clare Jones-

Nigel Graves –

Jesse Ocsan –

David McGettigan –

Rachel Barrett –

Danielle Di Marti –

Alison Drewitt Smith –

Lauren Petersen –

Jessica Shaheen –

Emily Walsh – 


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