Early Twentieth Century Modernism: T.S. Eliot, Katherine Mansfield, Dylan Thomas

Blog Topics for the Modernism Week 7

  1. T. S. Eliot’s  (don’t miss this link!) poem The Waste Land ends with the line “these fragments I have shored against my ruin”. This line has given its name to a new APP that has just come onto the market. Write a short review of this amazing APP and say how it has given you extraordinary access to everything that goes by the name of Modernism: Click Here For Details. 


  1. Modernism can mean an exploration of the inner world with a parallel distortion of the outer world. Reading the last section of  (don’t miss this link:) Katherine Mansfields  story “The Daughters of the Late Colonel” could you say how and why this is a characteristically modernist narrative?


  1. Imagine an intimate conversation between two people that gets stuck. How are you going to convey this stuckness and what kind of symbolism will you bring into the narrative to illustrate what this stuckness means for the people involved.


  1. Dylan Thomas (don’t miss this link!) is a poet who uses language in an extreme way. Do you think his extreme language points the reader to an experience of what lies beneath the surface of things? Chose any one of his poems.
  1. Chose a single line from any Dylan Thomas poem and write your own poem using extreme, modernist idiom. Be sure to have an underlying subject rather than being dragged along by the language itself.

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