BEST ePortfolio/Blogs SPRING 2015

Hello All,

I want to share with you this amazing list of the best ePortfolio/blogs produced by ACU students during the second half of 2015. For their ePortfolios they had to showcase their best Creative and Critical Blogs, their Peer Reviews of others in the group, and they had to answer a broad question on the relevance of the literature studied to their own experience.

There were three groups, first those completing a course called Visionary Imagination in which third year literature students reflected on the work of William Blake, Patrick White, David Malouf & Brett Whiteley. All the following students scored top marks for their digital responses to these writers and artists:

Danielle Bull-

Patricia Habib-

Emily Walsh-

Kate Waters –

Next there was a group of second year literature students who have completed a course on Twentieth Century Literature (mainly British). These students, in  a Summative Response had to address the question of whether the issues and concerns of the 20th Century were still relevant today. Again the following students received top marks for their ePortfolios:

Audrey Bowles –

Alison Drewitt Smith-

Clare Jones-

Mary Maeve McGeorge-

David McGettigan-

Jesse Ocsan-

Lauren Petersen-

Emily Walsh-

Finally there were the first year students who completed Australian Literature. Many of these expressed surprise at how much Australian literature there was, how good it was and how it gave them a new pride in their Australian identity. Again this is the cream of the crop:

Caitlyn Tuckerman-

Nina Walker-

Amanda Robertson-

Tabitha Kottaridis-

Benjamin Botella-

Daniel Iskander-

ENJOY!- And have a safe and happy Christmas






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