How to Create a New Category in WordPress

Hi All, those of you doing Nineteenth Century Literature or Shakespeare this semester who already have a WordPress site set up from last year have been asking me: “How do I set up a new category so that all my 19thC Lit OR Shakespeare Blogs appear under these new categories”. Easy Peasy!!! Please follow these instructions and tell me how you go.

PS: if you are new to WordPress then please see the important note at the bottom of this post!

How to create a New Category and Display this on your front page.

1/ Go into your “Dashboard”

2/ Under “Posts” go to “Categories” and “Add New Category” At this stage you will not want to give your New Category a “Parent”, so leave this empty.

3/ Briefly describe your category.

4/ In your Dashboard scroll down to “Appearance”.

5/ Under “Appearance” select “Menus”

6/ Within “Menus” select “Categories”

7/ Click on “View All” within the “Categories” menu.

8/ Select the new menu item that you wish to add to your menu (by ticking the box AND clicking on “Add to Menu”


9/ In the “Menu Structure” box on this same “Edit Menus” page, move your new category (eg 19th Century Lit OR Shakespeare…) to the position in which you wish it to appear.

10/ VERY IMPORTANT: You can see on my WordPress Site (based on a certain “Theme”) how my menus by default appear on the top of my page. YOU MAY HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR THEME IN ORDER TO GET YOUR CATEGORIES TO APPEAR WHERE YOU WANT THEM TO .

11/ VERY VERY IMPORTANT: Your Category will only function if, after completing your Blog you actually select the category in  which you wish it to appear. Then it will appear under that category in your blog.

Hope that is helpful to all.

If you want more information about any aspects of setting up your WordPress site, please go to the video WordPress Essential Training which you can find at which is available FREE through the ACU web site as long as you use your ACU username and password. Go to



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  1. March 9, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    I love the illustration slogan: blogging is not rocket science!

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