Shakespeare Performances 2016

What a wonderful collection of performances from the Shakespeare group today: scenes from Romeo and JulietMidsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear and The Tempest. What a treat! So well done, with little time for rehearsal and yet so much learned about what it needs to bring Shakespeare to life on the stage. I am sure that you all see now what it takes to bring language to life on the stage for an audience and more importantly, what is required to make words, ideas, sounds, SING. This is the magic of theatre that it puts language into a totally new context where words collide with real objects, real people and where the whole dynamic of expression is moulded in so many new ways. So thank you all, for your efforts during the semester and your special efforts to make your performances so crisp and inventive. We the judges (Titania and Oberon- Queen and King of the Fairies) felt privileged to be part of your productions. [Hope to see some of you on Monday: check LEO].

And as you can see: we have no intention to upstage anyone!



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