Highlights from first cull of Twentieth Century Literature Blogs!

What a totally amazing collection of Blogs from students studying 20th Century Literature at ACU. There is such depth and variety in this swag of great entries. Congratulations to all of you – and to those who didn’t quite make this list. This is just to give you an idea of the riches I have been privilege to over the last  couple of weeks of reading! Champagne!


Morgan Bailey on Picasso:


Annabelle Barns-Licha responding to the special event (like Kat and Paul’s Goose roasting) which was her reunion with her brother


Melissa Fleck: her awesome blog on Manifestos which we experienced at our NSW Art Gallery visit recently:


Brendon Johnson’s amazing blog- based on direct experience- on Lucien Freud’s Modernism at the Art Gallery of NSW


Tabitha Kottaridis’s wonderful Spring poem inspired by Gerard Manley Hopkins:


Manizah (Maz) Lalee’s wonderful  memory of the sublime world she finds at the top of Level 9 in a carpark:


Daniel Mangabat’s wonderful discussion of the Modernist elements in Ernest Ludwig Kirchner’s “Three Bathers”


Natasha Prudnicki’s wonderful yet devastating self-created blog topic on the idea of war as a whole:


Serena Saliba’s inspiring and really useful (for Literature students) “Mini-Digital Kit on World War I And World War II:


Elearnor Thorley’s wonderfully detailed inspection of Picasso’s nude in a rocking chair:


Caitlyn Tuckerman’s powerful, hear-rending letter to Wilfred Owen:



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