Bujwa: Autumn Dawn Morning Miracle

As we started down the bay track at around 4.30 am the silver gums glowed while the frogs sang loudly through the bush. IMG_8577

Down at the bay the mist was thick: it was like looking down into an abyss, but the stillness was immense. And then the bird calls began from across the bay: lyre-birds, magpies, and many small wrens…IMG_8580

IMG_8584Walking back up to the ridge top in the mist was amazing; a deafening stillness with the occasional lyre bird calls- and the wonderful Angophoras at “Angophora corner”:

And who says there are no flowers in Autumn in Sydney: Mountain Devils (Lambertia Formosa), Woolsia Pungens, Banksia Spinulosa…. etc

An amazing Isopogon (“Rockiensis” perhaps) growing straight out of the rock face…

IMG_8638-1Gums startled by fire into crying shapes holding tightly to their existence, one looking like a Francis Bacon widely opened piece of butchery!

And because of all the mist this was a morning too for the myriads of tiny spiders opening their veils to all passers-by:

Finally reaching the top of the escarpment, clear of the morning mist, the panorama of the Hawksbury Sandstone ridge top spreading miraculously before us:


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