Shakespeare Annual Blog Time!


Again we have some marvellous entries from our Shakespearean cohort of bloggers. This year I am going to share with you all some individual blogs, what they have to illustrate about the creative power of blogging as part of literature studies.

Here is one of the best commentaries on what blogging can lead to. Take it away Anthony:

And Anthony also has a marvellous entry on the power of poetry versus history and philosophy, an idea stimulated by Sir Philip Sidney’s The Defense of Poetry: Take it away again!

Our international student from Italy, Beatrice, also has some wonderful things to say about her first experience of blogging in a literature class. Take it away Beatrice:

One of the favourite topics of this semester was the moon’s perspective on the earth, a topic stimulated by Erasmus’s picture of the earth’s stupidity as seen from above. Take it away Mack and Daniel- two fabulous entries:

Two of the most powerful and heartfelt bloggers were our Clemente duo Linda and David. Linda produced a wonderful insight into the link between King Lear’s experience and that of modern-day homeless people. Take it away (our Encyclopedia) Linda:

David offered this wonderfully supportive peer review of Linda’s work: take it away David!

And David gave his own fabulous summation of the relevance of Shakespearean studies to modern times. Take it away David!

One of the high points of our semester was the art gallery visit especially the sight we had of the amazing “Sack of Rome” plate. Take it away Natasha, you had such wonderful things to say about this!

But then on top of all these specific blogs there were some astonishingly outstanding (can I say that?) Shakespearean ePortfolios. The following all scored the very top (or very near) mark, for content, and presentation: Take it away all of you prize winners!!!!

Anne-Marie Demarco

Natasha Prudnicki

Amelia Rogers

Anthony Young

Linda Kent

David McGettigan






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