Blog Topics for Week 5: Alice Walker and Henry Lawson

Class URLS. This will enable you all to easily access each other’s blogs and do your peer review comments on what you see there. Be supportive and share your thoughts on each other’s writing and on the great literature that we are exploring. Please send through to me any URLs that I have missed:

Neil Campbell

Josh Heilpern

Ray Morgan

Ronan Parnell

Adelaide Pascoe

Rima Pritchard

Kyungshin Song

Yvette Whitty


Audio Recordings from Week 5:

White board images from class:


Drawing on Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use”:

  • 1/ Write a descriptive contrast of two very contrasting people in your own family.
  • 2/ Explain why you think Dee or Mama value their heritage the most.

Drawing on Henry Lawson’s “Sweeney” and “The Loaded Dog”

  • Write a few Stanzas that imitate Henry Lawson’s style of writing. Chose as a focus someone you know from your own life as subject
  • In a short paragraph tell the story of the “Loaded Dog”. Why is the Dog  “loaded”?


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