Remembering Babylon Week 2

Hello All,

this week we are going to focus on two things in our close study of Remembering Babylon. First we are going to look at Mr Frazer’s relationship to Gemmy in Chapter 14 and especially what it is about Gemmy that Mr Frazer thinks is so valuable. Mr Frazer calls Gemmy “a forerunner” on page 121. What does he mean by this?

Next we will explore Janet’s relationship to Gemmy on pages 32,53, 129 & 181.

So these are your blog topics for this week:

1/ What does Mr Frazer mean by saying Gemmy is “a forerunner”? (page 121)

2/ In your own words describe what is happening to Janet when she is covered in and then uncovered from, the bees (pages 129-130).

You can of course also create your own topic, but doing one of these two topics may help you in preparing for your essay.

On page 120 David Malouf refers to the theodolite as offering only one way of moving into the continent. I wonder what he means by this? Here is a theodolite:


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