David Malouf – Remembering Babylon- again!

Hello All,

please find in this blog ALL the recordings from the last two weeks. Here also is the white board image from yesterday’s class:


Here are your instructions for getting to the NSW Art Gallery for 2.30pm NEXT WEDNESDAY:


See you there next week!


  1 comment for “David Malouf – Remembering Babylon- again!

  1. September 25, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    Hello Michael just a quick note, I’m going over the unit out lines and have realized that I have not been doing it right. I am struggling with the computer side of things and are finding it difficult to do the peer reviews I have tried and are sure to be corrected. I understand the novel Remembering Babylon and looked and read the resource material that has been provided. I want to complete this course. I know and understand what is required of me to complete such a task. I’ll see you on Wednesday at the art gallery and discuss with you were i’m at.

    Thank you Neil Campbell.

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