Art Gallery Visit with Clemente Students: How Can Art Inform My Understanding of Literature?

Clemente Visit to the NSW Art Gallery 2017 ENGL104

Core Question:

How Can Art Deepen Our Understanding Of Literature?

BLOG TOPIC FOR THIS WEEK: Chose any ONE of the paintings (or art works) studied today. Describe the painting (or art work)  of your choice and say how this painting (or art work) has expanded your understanding of literature.

Audio Floor Talk at the Gallery: Listen here:

We will be exploring the links between all these paintings and the literature we have been studying. See you at 2.30pm on Wednesday 27th September on the steps of the NSW Art Gallery!


Thematic links: Alice Walker “Everyday Use” – SEE:  Seven Sisters (in Grand Hall)


Biographical links: Henry Lawson “Loaded Dog”/ “Sweeney” – SEE Henry Lawson in 19th C Hall


Narrative and Historical links (how the narrative content of art and/or its historical content mirrors the nature of fiction and literature more widely):

Kate Chopin “Story of an Hour” – SEE:  Tom Robert’s Jealousy (Narrative)-

SEE:  Ford Madox Brown “Chaucer at the Court of Edward” (Important painting about English literature- father of);

SEE: Leighton “Cimon and Iphigenia” 19th Century Hall).

Shakespeare: “My Mistress’ Eyes” – SEE:   Jacques Blanchard 1638 “Mars & the Vestal Virgin”

Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice–  SEE:  Franz Pourbos  (1600?) “Portrait of a Man”

+ Peter Paul Ruben’s “Self Portrait” (c 1650).


Direct Links between Literature and Art

Art and Literature: SEE:  Gordon Bennett “Notes to Basquit (in the future art will not be boring) See end of 20thC Australian section

Here is another painting by Gordon Bennet (click on his name for more info):


David Malouf Remembering Babylon

David Malouf: Russell Drysdale “Aboriginal Stockmen”/  Sidney Nolan “Central Australia”; “Dry Jungle” (both in Australian 20th Century Section)


Links between Art and Concrete Poetry:

Concrete Poetry (Swan and Shadow/ Bleeding)- SEE:  Roy De Maistre “Rythmic Composition in Yellow Green Minor” (1918)


Links between the intensity of language in poetry and the intensity of paint on the canvas.

Intensity Galway Kinnell’s “Blackberry Eating” or Richard Tipping’s Mangoes” : SEE:– “Breast Feeding” 2015 Dana Shutz (in Modernist section)


Intensity: Re Judith Wright “The Wattle Tree” – SEE: “Flower and People GOLD 2015- Video Art – in Asian section




Intensity: Re Judith Wright “The Wattle Tree” Eliot Gruner “Spring Frost”


Links between Art and Ideas:

Indigenous Artist: Lin Onus: “Fruit Bats” (1991)



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