David Malouf on Campus at Strathfield and at Mission Australia Surry Hills


ACU students both on and off campus had the real privilege today of interacting with David Malouf about The Conversations at Curlow Creek (Strathfield) and Remembering Babylon (Surry Hills). David was wonderfully generous both with his time and his responses and students in both locations were equally wonderful in their thoughtful preparation and deep questioning.

Here are the recordings from the Surry Hills event (both in the hour before David’s arrival) and then in the hour of engagement with David himself:

Blog Questions for 3rd Year Reading Australia Students could include the following:

1/ Write a letter to David Malouf telling him how and why you appreciate his writing (good letters will be forwarded to him!)

2/ From your experience do you think the law is as inflexible and inhumane as Conversations seems to imply?

3/ Select any character from Conversations and write a paragraph in the voice of this character drawing on the style of David Malouf as you see it.

4/ What do you learn most from the interactive seminar that we had with David Malouf last week.

5/ Create your own topic on and around David Malouf and your appreciation of his work.

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