Reading Australia: Best Summative Blog Posts for 2017


There have been some truly fabulous Summative Blog Posts from the group of students who have just finished the third year unit Reading Australia. Such wonderful reflections that bring into focus students’ ethnicity, their appreciation of what Australian culture has to offer, but also their deep sadness at the continuing injustices, especially to indigenous people. Then there are those who are so profoundly rhapsodic at the way the poetry, fiction and art of our country so powerfully expands our experience of what and who we are as human beings. And then there are many who enter into the wider questions of where can we find the sacred in the Australian experience. Overall I can highly recommend reading through all of these wonderful, gifted reflections on how Australia can be “read”, understood, responded to in some of the great classic writers that have emerged in Australia in the last half century: Judith Wright, Patrick White, Francis Webb, David Malouf and Sally Morgan. Enjoy the ride

Audrey (Sam) Bowles

Nigel Graves 

Patricia Habib

Linda Kent

Dhasuri Moodley

Rachel May

Daniel Ognenovski

Asiya Trad

David McGettigan

Needless to say, all these students scored an HD for their fabulous blogging work!


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