Arrival in New York- ACU Literature and Drama Team!! Made It!!

All 23 of us have made it after a marathon journey from Sydney via LA to JFK.

Here we are in Sydney, fresh and ready for our LONG trip. This is minus our Brisbane cohort who will be meeting up with us in LA:


After a short stop in LA we were winging our way up to the cold North. Here is our first glimpse of New York from around 10000 feet:

On the ground there were remnants of last week’s blizzard but the temperature is a comfortable 2C -with warm clothing. We are all in good spirits despite a few rooming hiccups. Here is a glimpse of our coach arrival into the island of Manhattan:



And here we are happily arrived in our Hotel Edison which has an amazing history:

IMG_1105So tomorrow our literary adventures begin with Dr Nicholas Birns from New York University coming to give us a personal perspective on the Literature of New York. Nicholas has lived all his life in New York, but he is a scholar of international reputation and has been an important link between New York and Australian culture for decades. You can read his CV right here:

Along with Nicholas we will have our literary tour guide Eric Chase – from the New York Literary Pub Crawl- who will (without the alcohol- these are under 21 year old students- mostly) be taking us yet again for an amazing induction into the literary haunts of New York.

More to come….


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