Moving into the Victorian Age with Dickens and others.


Blog Topics galore!!!!

*Today we tapped into Dickens’ challenge to the educational systems of his day.

*How effective do you think he was in pointing to the heart of the problem with contemporary education?

*Have we learned anything since his day?

*Write a short piece that expresses your sense of the value of Dickens’ educational views for our own times.

*Write a short poem by a child who might have been brought up in an educational system like the one described by Dickens.

*Write a letter to Louisa Gradgrind commiserating with her, but giving her hope for the future.

*Write a letter to Mr Gradgrind himself telling him what you think of his attitude to teaching and learning. Try and make an impression on him.

*Write a short piece explaining how you think Dickens’ irony works

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