Shakespeare and the Renaissance- Blogs Take 1: Some of the Highlights

HI All,

there are some outstanding bloggers amongst this group; this is a small showcase of some  amazing work by creatively gifted and talented students. It has been so good to see many of you making your blog space your own, using it both to flex your creative wings and to support your academic study of the texts we have been focussing on. Overall your blogs are well written, but you will see in the comments I post on your blogs (you need to go into comments in WordPress to see these) that some of you need to edit your work more carefully before posting. Remember that these blogs will be something that you will proudly showcase to a future employer in a couple of years, so it is worth keeping them really SCHMICK!!!!. In addition your blogs will be a wonderful reminder for you at exam time of what you have really enjoyed studying. And in years to come they will be a reminder of the great time you had at uni.

I just want to share with you a few great moments.

Here was one peer review which I praised for its honesty and directness- and I would encourage you all to be similarly honest and direct:

“Hi ? ! This is a very thorough and well thought out post. But dare I say it is almost too thorough? Your cite parts of the text in a manner reminiscent of a rudimentary essay instead of a casual blog post. Not to mention the entire thing is almost 600 words long! I’m not sure if this precise manner is your usual style of writing, but it pads the blog out unnecessarily. Though what you have to say is quite interesting and thought provoking.”

Here was a great review of the Bell Shakespeare production of Antony and Cleopatra:

thanks Amber

Here was a powerful modernisation:

thanks Erin


Here was a riveting description of our wonderful, whacky Shakesepearian day-out:

thank you Irish Erin!!

Here is a fantastic modernised Cleopatra:

thanks Helena

Here is the best Shakespeare Room entry:


And here is a fabulous dramatisation (ecphrastic poem) of the painting that we all saw over the door way into the little Shakespeare room at the very back:

Thank you all for your hard work so far… and this was just a small sample of the many riches in your blogs…


You should also check out this amazing African American take on this tragic story. Check out their summary of this play at


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