Romanticism & Victorianism: First Trawl through Blog Posts

Hi All,

there have been some outstanding blogs on aspects of the 19th Century. This is a wonderful start to your blogging for this unit! I thought I would share with you a range of the creatively exciting posts by members of our group. Thank you all for your terrific efforts here. This proves to me that blogging gives many of you a real place to spread your wings and respond to the literature we are studying from a personal perspective, linking the literature to aspects of your own lives. Many of you are also finding (through the peer reviewing) that connecting with your peers is expanding your own understanding of aspects of the period we are studying.

I thought it would be both useful and enlightening for you all to see some of the best work that you are producing in a range of categories: the Romantics, the Victorians, Peer Reviews, Creative Work, Interesting Templates. Enjoy!

Romantic Poetry and Painting

Here is one of the best expositions of Blake’s lines from “Auguries of Innocence”. Thank you Naomi (click on her name!)’; and here is another: thank you Katrina!

Then there were several fabulous comments on Wordsworth’s Expostulation and Reply and on Blake.

Here is an outstanding entry on the impact of Wordsworth on Olivia’s life. Thank you Olivia!  And here is a fabulous letter written to William Wordsworth. Thank you Katrina!

Then there is this wonderful description of that amazing Romantic painting which contrasted so dramatically with all those stuffy 18th Century Enlightenment paintings:  ‘Madame Hilligsberg’ . Thank you for this description Ana-Louise

The Victorian Era

Moving into the Victorian Era, here is one of the best blogs so far on Dickens

One of the best blogs on Dickens. Thank you Alec!


Now for other categories of excellence!

Here are a couple of wonderful poems stimulated by the Romantics: one by Naomi;  and another by Isabelle– thank you both

Peer Reviews

Then there were several model peer reviews: Tylah’s, Olivia’s and Brianna-May’s

As you may have noticed, I have been encouraging you in your peer reviews to give credit where it is due, but also to make suggestions for improvement both in content and in expression. This is also an important part of what a peer review is. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from each other.

Finally, many of you have been discovering the amazing template resources in WordPress that allow a whole range of creative options. Here are two of the most interesting that I have seen in our bunch: one from Isabelle, and one from Jad.

Thank you all for your tremendous efforts. It stands you in good stead professionally to be producing such quality blogs (which will soon become quality ePortfolios). 












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